Centenary offers several different Sunday school classes on Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m.

Here is a listing of our classes.

Jonathan Class
We are an interesting group ranging from
college age to retirement who like to talk about Jesus and have fun in the process.

Pathfinders Class
We are mostly parents of youth and young adults that focus on prayer and sharing life

Agape Class
We are wide-ranging group of adults who still have a lot of growing to do! We strive to put our faith into action.

Sonshine Class
We are mature adults who love to explore
Biblical truths and enjoy getting together
outside of the classroom.

DIS831 Class
We are a multi-generational group that is
fun, inviting, and committed to the community and the world.

Lamplighters Class
We are a small class that uses video studies, by well-known teachers, to go deeper into the
stories of the Bible.

Pruitt Class
We are older adults who enjoy Bible-centered teaching and supporting the church’s mission projects.

New Beginnings Class
We are middle-aged and up adults who enjoy a mixture of study types and connecting them with today’s current events.


Please contact Assistant Pastor John Duff at john@danvillecumc.org for more info on Sunday Schools!